Wednesday, May 6, 2015

GAME SEVEN by Paul Volponi

Game Seven
I was so glad to stumble across this new book by Paul Volponi.  I know several readers who read and reread anything he writes.  GAME SEVEN won't disappoint them.

Julio is sixteen and dreams of playing shortstop for the Cuban Nacionales.  He was raised with baseball in his blood.  He has memories of playing catch with his father and still plays with the glove Julio Sr. gave him.  Unfortunately, the man who taught Julio to play may become the reason Julio isn't chosen to represent Cuba. 

His father was a star pitcher for the Cuban team until he defected to the United States.  Julio Sr. made the decision to leave his wife and two children behind on the fateful day six years ago when his name was erased from the Cuban baseball record books.  

Now Julio has a chance to make a name for himself.  He and his cousin will be trying out for the team, and if all goes well, Julio will make history as a shortstop.  He may not be free, but his mother and sister will have a better life.  His father is in the United States about to play in the World Series as a Miami Marlin, but Julio can't think about that right now.

About to celebrate a team victory, Julio and his cousin are snatched away from the celebration by Uncle Ramon.  They head to a secluded beach where they are joined by a man named Gabriel.  It soon becomes obvious to Julio that he and his cousin will not be rejoining their teammates.  Uncle Ramon and Gabriel announce that under the cover of darkness they will be leaving Cuba for good.  If their plan works, they will be free in Miami in time to see the final game of the World Series. 

The lure of freedom is great, but can Julio come to terms with leaving his mother and sister behind?  And will he be able to face the father who left years ago to join the Marlins and live a life of fame and luxury?

Author Paul Volponi packs GAME SEVEN with action and suspense.  A daring escape combined with the excitement of championship baseball action are sure to have readers turning pages nonstop.

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Unknown said...

Great review! I am a huge Paul Volponi fan. If you haven't read his other novels, I highly recommend them! Liza Wiemer