Thursday, May 14, 2015

500 Great Books for Teens

There are a lot of good guy books here.
Checking the index, I see six entries for author Walter Dean Myers and three for Gary Paulsen. The one listed for Daniel Pinkwater is the anthology Five Novels, so I'll cut editor Anita Silvey a break for that. She actually doesn't limit herself to 500 books -- many more are listed in the section "Beyond the 500: Additional Titles of Interest." Many of the recommendations are books aimed at a more general readership, not just teens. That pleases me -- I think it's too limiting to say a book is for this age group, not that one. And "guy books?" Well, I see she recommends Toni Morrison's Beloved.
Toni Morrison is a Nobel Prize winner. I read her novel, The Bluest Eye, and was very impressed. I want to read a lot more of her books, but they're certainly not just for guys.
Silvey recommends fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and graphic novels. I like getting ideas about what to read from other readers, and I highly recommend 500 Great Books for Teens.

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