Sunday, May 18, 2008

About Guys Lit Wire

Guys Lit Wire was created after a broad discussion among YA bloggers within the lit blogosphere about the lack of books for teenage boys. There seems to be a perception that boys don't read as much as girls, especially teenage boys. As the YA Columnist for Bookslut it has been especially clear to me that whether or not boys want to read more, finding books for boys is not so easy. There are so many more books targeted toward female readers than male that it is really quite amazing - and also very disturbing.

So we decided to do something about it.

Guys Lit Wire exists solely to bring literary news and reviews to the attention of teenage boys and the people who care about them. We are more than happy to welcome female readers - but our main goal is to bring the attention of good books to guys who might have missed them. The titles will be new or old and on every subject imaginable. We guarantee new posts every Monday through Friday and have a list of twenty-three individual scheduled contributors plus several additional occasional posters all of whom have different literary likes and dislikes. We hope to provide something for everyone and will strive to accomplish that goal.

For publishers, or writers who wish to contact us concerning books, please click here for our review policy and review request form. For any other questions, email us at guyslitwire (at) gmail (dot) com. Many of our contributors have individual web sites of their own and if you would like to contact one of them specifically concerning a book or post, please check the Contributor's Page for more information.

If using the general email contact, please be sure to note in your subject line if it is a "MEDIA INQUIRY", "TECHNICAL PROBLEM" or "GENERAL COMMENT" so we can be sure it is directed to the right person as quickly as possible.