Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Infects by Sean Beaudoin

As if it isn't bad enough that Nick is being carted off to Inward Trek, a short term detention/reform excursion experience in lieu of doing time in juvie, but it just HAS to be the Zombie apocalypse as well. Nick has been stepping up lately working the night shift at the chicken processing plant in order to keep his family in their home, fed and his sister in her Asperger's meds. Dad - The Dude used to work R&D for the same chicken chicken company but that didn't really work out.
As a reader, you start to pick up on the fact that things might not be quite right, especially the really strange way people are acting as all of the kids are being transported to the excursion site to start their "rehabilitation." Once the zombies start to attack though, it's time to find out who can lead, who follows, and who gets eaten.
A fun zombie story with a little twist.

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