GLW Contributors

Colleen Mondor writes a lot about aviation in Alaska, a subject she knows way too much about. Her book, The Map of My Dead Pilots: The Dangerous Game of Flying in Alaska, was published in 2011. Her favorite writer is Ray Bradbury and if she had a choice, we would all worship at the church of Louis Armstrong. Find out more at her site, Chasing Ray or on twitter via @chasingray.

Gonovice has done construction, and door-to-door fundraising for environmental groups, but always wanted to be a librarian. Finally earned MLS in August, age 53. He works a public library reference desk near Fredericksburg, VA, and hosts a "Chess & Go" program for all ages (Most players are juvenile or young adult, with more guys than gals, usually.) Two homeschooled daughters are in college. He likes good fiction, but pays more attention to nonfiction. Favorite writers include Lao-tzu, R. Buckminster Fuller, Gregory Bateson, James Joyce, Kurt Vonnegut, Lewis Thomas, Oliver Sacks, Gary Paulsen, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Tim O'Brien, and Leo Tolstoy.

Josh Hem Lee is a writer, poet, librarian and father of two little boys. He is currently working on a noir novel set in his home country, Trinidad. He has had short stories published in the Trinidad Guardian and in the Anansesem Caribbean children's literature ezine. He is in the process of submitting a children's book to various agents. An avid soccer fan, he follows Arsenal FC, he also sometimes blogs about the team on the Trini Gunner blog. He lives in Denver. Follow him on twitter at @joshelprofe.

Kelly Fineman is a poet and author working on a biography in verse about Jane Austen; although her current topic is a girly author, Kelly's used to working in fields that are traditionally dominated by guys: biography and poetry. She'll be sharing reviews of poetry collections for guys and the occasional poetry tips for today's bards. Her website is woefully out of date, but her blog, Writing and Ruminating, is upated on a regular basis.

Kirk Moore-Nokes is currently a children's and young adult librarian at a public library in Wisconsin. He has a Bachelor's of Science from the University of Wisconsin in Animal Science with an emphasis in poultry and an MLIS  from UW-Milwaukee. In previous lives he was an assistant ranch manager for a turkey breeding company and a Facilities Coordinator for an insurance company, both in California. He is married to his high school sweetheart with two amazing daughters. In his "spare" time he likes to work on DIY projects around the house, work in the garden, cook, and raise backyard chickens.

Little Willow is a bookseller who has no problems giving Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to boys and Maniac Magee to girls. She is determined to show the world (one person at a time!) that the gender of an author or protagonist has no bearing on the worth of a story. A good book is a good book, no matter what, and it should be read by all. She blogs at Bildungsroman, which also has a corresponding archive website.

Lucas Maxwell grew up in rural Nova Scotia, Canada where he did everything from building roofs to making furniture to working on fishing boats for money. He eventually settled on being a librarian and has stuck with it. He now lives in the UK and works as a School Librarian in London. What little spare time he has he spends writing and doing stand up comedy. You can find him on Twitter @glenthornelrc.

Sarah Stevenson is a YA author, artist, and designer living in Northern California. She's the author of three novels for young adults, including The Latte Rebellion (Flux Books, 2011). She is also a co-blogger at Finding Wonderland, a blog about writing for young adults that she shares with YA author Tanita S. Davis, and she regularly participates in the Cybils Awards. For random brain dribblings, you can find her on twitter @aquafortis.
William Polking teaches high school reading and college composition. Because he feels guilty about destroying the economy with his lavish salary and benefit package, he also coaches large group speech and girls soccer. His students tell him that reads like it is his job, to which he gently responds that it kind of is. Feel free to troll him on Twitter, where he can be found @Polking.