GLW Categories, Listed & Explained

Book Donations: Posts about donating books to various needy schools and libraries and other organizations that are not formally affiliated with Guys Lit Wire.

Book Fair for Boys: For those posts in support of the GLW efforts to formally assist school libraries. For the past several years, we have partnered with Ballou SR High School in Washington DC on an annual book fair. For more info on all the previous book fairs go here. Only used by site moderators.

Digging the Classics: Classic literature from Shakespeare to Arthur C. Clarke in all its formats.

Dystopian: Dystopian fantasies

Essays: Essay collections or single essays of note 

Everyone's Got Issues: Coming-of-age novels covering all kinds of topics from family illness to coming out to general teen angst.

Fantasy: Any fiction with fantasy elements (Dystopian and Superhero have separate categories)

First Love: Love stories of all kinds including happily ever after and those with a few tears along the way.

Flying Cars to Lost Cities: Fictional adventures on the high seas, in the air, in the street, etc. These do not have to be fantasy!

From Book to Movie: Reviews of books that have been made into movies (generally only used when the movie itself is mentioned as well)

From Slam to Sonnets: POETRY!!!!

Get Your Game On: Sports or gaming books - novels, graphic novels, biographies of sports figures & more.

GLW General Information: Only used by site moderators to share info on the site.

Graphic Novel: Includes graphic novels and comic book collections - there is a separate category for Manga

Historical Fiction: Novels set in the past (Westerns can be found in "How the West Was Won")

History Matters: Nonfiction history books

How the West Was Won: Westerns - fiction and nonfiction

Interview: Interviews (or links to interviews) with readers and writers.

Keeping You on the Edge of Your Seat: Thrillers.

Literary News: Items of interest we have picked up around the web

Manga: MANGA!

Mixed Media: Books with illustrations, ephemera, that include CDs, etc. (But not graphic novels!) Also audio books and art books.

Multiple Bookish Notes: Posts with all kinds of news to share other than straight-up reviews.

Mysteries: Novels (or short story collections) where a mystery is a key element. You can also find nonfiction mysteries (such as true crime) in here.

October Country: In an homage to Ray Bradbury, this where you find the HORROR.

Pop Culture: Just what it sounds like!

Pure Science: Nonfiction titles on scientific topics - Nature titles are also posted under "The Great Outdoors"

Reading Habits: Places you like to read books, bookstores, book shopping, book stuff (like bookmarks, book lights, book totes, book posters, etc. etc.)

Real Lives: Nonfiction biographies

Reference: All general nonfiction materials, especially titles that cover multiple topics (like encyclopedias) and instructional books (rules, how to, etc.)

Reluctant Readers: Titles of all kinds that have particular appeal to reluctant readers

Road Trips: Books that take readers on the road, fiction and nonfiction

Science Fiction: Just what it sounds like! 

See the World: Titles that are set in countries other the United States or include travel outside the U.S.

Steampunk: All titles set in fantastical, mechanical worlds like Scott Westerfeld's LEVIATHAN series.

Straight Out of the Heartland: Titles that are set in the Midwest

Superheroes: Novels (& graphic novels) and coffee table books celebrating those who wear capes.

Survival: Survival stories, both fiction and nonfiction (like Gary Paulsen's HATCHET)

Tell Me A Funny Story: Humor!

The Great Outdoors: Fiction and nonfiction nature titles

The Play's the Thing: Dramas, Musicals and screenplays, etc.

The Way We Live: Architecture, building, transportation, politics, economics etc. Nonfiction books about how people live.

War! What is it Good For?: Fiction and nonfiction about war.

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