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The Enemy Above: A Novel of World War II*Review copy courtesy of the author.
THE ENEMY ABOVE takes readers into WW II as the Nazis attempt to clear the Jews out of Ukraine. Their plan is to access the rich farm land in the area to use in supplying the German army.
Twelve year old Anton knows of the concentration camps and the mass execution of Jews, and he knows his father is off fighting with the Russians, but so far he and his grandmother and uncles have been safe. That is about to change.

Major Von Duesen is leading a group of gestapo soldiers through the area to capture and remove the remaining Jews. A vicious man, he is determined to make a name for himself by delivering all his prisoners to the General in hopes of earning a promotion.

Anton's family and neighbors have enough warning to leave their homes and escape through the wheat fields and woods to a cave some of the men have discovered. Young Anton and his friend Daniel spend some of their time exploring the cave for a second exit and a water source so the men don't have to scout for water outside the cave at night.

Von Duesen and the soldiers almost capture the water scouts one night. The Jews return to the cave to warn the others. Everyone except Anton, his grandmother and two others escape through the emergency exit. As Anton watches his grandmother facing the gestapo soldiers, he realizes she has remained behind as a distraction so the others can run farther from the cave.

Finding himself and his grandmother in German hands, will they be able to survive or will they meet the fate of so many of their people in the camps?

Author Michael P. Spradlin tells the story of the Ukrainian Jews and the frightening treatment they suffered at the hands of evil Nazis. Readers will experience the intense emotions of Anton as he follows his grandmother into danger as well as the hateful actions and desires of men like Major Von Duesen. THE ENEMY ABOVE is a great example of historical fiction that will have readers on the edge of their seats as they learn more about the complex events of WW II.

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Randomly Reading said...

I started reading this book, and will eventually finish it based on your review, but I found so many errors that they were distracting and I lost patience. Too bad, because it sounds like a good story.