Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dead Body Road by Justin Jordan, Matt Scalera and Moreno Disinio

This is a story of revenge, pure and simple. Gage's wife has been murdered, and the people that have murdered her are going to die, and they are going to die hard.

An ex-cop, Gage has a warehouse full of demons that are slowly revealed over six tightly packed issues.

Along his vengeful journey Gage teams up with a girl and his ex-partner. To say that they have issues is like saying that Vatican City has "religious leanings."

The twist is that we don't know who killed Gage's wife until the very end, which is the way it should be - but man, while we wait to find out, the bodies pile up faster than empty Coors Lights at the Indy 500.

 There are car chases, gun fights, car chases combined with gun fights, not to mention fist fights and axe fights. In fact, throw in a random noun in front of the word 'fight' and you'll probably see it in Dead Body Road.

Justin Jordan has served up a cold dish of violence and brutality sprinkled with a few emotional twists and turns. Scalera's artwork is electric. It, of anything, is what kept me turning the pages faster than the bullets that exploded from their muzzles every second page.

Lets get down to brass tacks, if you want something to make you think about the human condition long after you put it down, Dead Body Road is probably not for you. Reading it is like being tied to a shopping cart and pushed down a hill, it's not going to last long, but it will be one hell of a ride.

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