Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thank you so much!!!!!

Officially, the GLW Book Fair for Ballou SR High School is over! (We will keep the wish list open for the next couple of weeks however in case someone wants to jump in and send another book their way. If you need any ordering info you can find it here.)

The final tally (as of this very moment) is 175+ books on the way to the school. As for why we are doing this, take a look at these tweets from Ballou as the books came in:

Follow Ballou for more updates in the coming days as the books continue to arrive. We will be back with another book fair this fall, with many more great books and a few more things we're cooking up to share with you how much this all means to the kids in this DC school. This was a good thing we did guys, and it really has made a difference. THANK YOU ALL!!!!

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