Thursday, May 31, 2012

Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Insurgent begins directly where Divergent left off. Straight in the middle of all the action and explosions. Which is exactly, dear reader, where you want to be. Beatrice is gone completely and Tris has taken over. While you see softer sides of the character, you will also see the harshness that comes from fighting for freedom, and the vulnerability of keeping secrets and spouting lies are prevalent in the character’s new attitude.

The factions are split due to the war the Dauntless had with the Erudite at the end of Divergent. In Insurgent we begin to learn more about the other factions. What guides them, what they work/live for, who they are aligned with politically for example. This gives Veronica Roth the unique opportunity to introduce the reader to new characters. She does this well. While Tris and Four are busy trying to figure out their relationship and lead a rebellion, Roth weaves a subplot of destruction and side characters giving you a glimpse into the daily lives of the other factions we were unable to learn about due to Tris’ limited world view.

Relationships Tris worked so carefully to make and maintain in book one are blown to bits when the cast finds out about all of the secrets she has been harboring. Her relationship with Four suffers as well, and we see Tris trying to mend fences and forge new alliances as the book paces forward. While there is plenty of action, and incredible amounts of information being thrown at the reader- Insurgent at it’s very core is about Tris and her coming of age.

In true Roth fashion the end of the book was full of battle, and guns, and tactical movements that would rival the U.S. Military, the action is fast and furious and wholly believable. The ending also gave way to a huge reveal. The very last sentence of the book will take your breath away and hook you in to read book three which I have read on Roth’s Twitter account is titled Detergent in her computer files.

There were some continuity issues throughout the book that Roth has addressed on her blog, these errors were small in number and in impact and didn’t inhibit the enjoyment of reading the novel at all.

Insurgent is a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants dystopian thriller for teens who love action, subplots, and military maneuvering.

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Sarah Elsewhere said...

While I enjoyed the book overall, there was one error near the end that pulled me right out of the exciting climax. Of course, that will in no way stop me from picking up book three!

Thanks for the tip on "Detergent." Can't wait to pass that bit of trivia along!