Thursday, June 5, 2008

The other side of London

Over at Bookshelves of Doom, Leila has some thoughts on Darkside by Tom Becker:

Jonathan Starling's father is back in the asylum. While fourteen-your-old Jonathan is used to being on his own (even when his father is at home he's distant at best, and Jonathan never knew his mother), this time, things are different. He's being followed by some very strange characters, and he has no idea why -- until he stumbles into Darkside, a secret part of London that is populated by villains, thieves, vampires and werewolves and is ruled by the descendants of Jack the Ripper. In Darkside, he starts to put the pieces of the puzzle together: not just in regards to his pursuers, but in regards to his family.

I thought this one was pretty cool too - my review will be next month at Bookslut but be sure to catch all of Leila's.

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