Friday, June 27, 2008

A Chat with Artist David Small

A quick note to say that over at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, there's an interview with the one and the only David Small. If you're interested in illustration, this is an interview for you, as David's been making picture books in his singular style since 1981---and received many awards and accolades for his talents.

In the interview, David also discusses Stitches, his upcoming graphic memoir about his "problematic youth," his first work for adults to be published by W. W. Norton & Company in 2009. This page at David's web site tells us more about the memoir. Here's an excerpt:
"In STITCHES, he relates the bizarre and deeply disturbing story of his 1950s childhood in a family where free expression was forbidden and where abuse was both emotional and physical in the most unusual of ways. As the son of a radiologist, Small grew up looking at x-rays and drawing on x-ray paper. Small
has remarked that it was his exposure to x-rays, at the hands of his father,
that developed his talent for depicting the human figure but also gave him
cancer at age 14. In a family where silence reigned supreme, David Small awoke from supposedly minor surgery to find that one of his vocal cords had been severed. STITCHES chronicles his physical trauma as well as his miraculous escape from home at age 16."
The 7-Imp interview is here. Happy reading.

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