Monday, January 30, 2017

Atlas Obscura

The book Atlas Obscura is the incredible encyclopedia/adventure guide that developed from the equally impressive website of the same name. Arranged geographically, the book takes readers on a mind blowing tour of the world that includes entries about museums of the odd and strange (and even mummified dead), geographical oddities and all sorts of unexpected art and architecture. It's endlessly fascinating and sometimes downright creepy.

This is the kind of book that is designed to beguile - it draws you in with the full color illustrations, shifting fonts and cool topics and before you know it, you are learning a ton about all kinds of thing you never even thought to look into.

There are also details about visiting all of these places, ranging from whether or not they are dangerous to how to catch a boat or bus or truck to get you there. But even though you might never plan to go to some of these places (which often redefine the words "off the beaten trail"), it doesn't matter. The text is cheeky and fun on its own, even without the round-trip ticket to see it for yourself.

A few of the entries discuss some sexy type destinations (who knew there was a bathroom in the Vatican with paintings of frolicking nymphs?) but nothing seriously explicit or beyond what you would see in any museum. It's perfectly fine for teens and honestly, seems tailor made for that age group (especially those who like the mention of occasionally creepy places.

Check it out - and the website - for something truly special.

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