Monday, November 28, 2016

Buy a book for Ballou SR High School on Cyber Monday!


The Book Fair for Ballou Senior High School in Washington DC is back open!

We were delighted to help Ballou librarian Melissa Jackson and her dedicated book club build a wish list on amazon so 175+ books could be bought and sent their way in October. This annual book fair is the primary way in which Ballou HS obtains books the students want and knowing that so many of them are now reading books they have been waiting for (novels! travel guides! history! biography!) has thrilled us to no end.

Seriously, we love helping this incredibly dedicated school librarian out every year!

Here's the drill for the Cyber Monday reopening - the wish list will be open this whole week and then shuts down for 2016 as Ballou gets ready for winter break. This is your last chance to buy a book for this underfunded & very deserving school library! The book club had a few more books to add last week and we got them in there and there are plenty of deals to choose from. Over 340 books are on the list and there is literally something for every price point. (PLENTY of books under $10!)

Buy a book, spread the word, do something good for our future. (And no, I'm not going to get all political right now but seriously - Do Something Good!)

Here is the tinyurl if you want to share it far & wide on social media (and please do!):

The mailing address is already loaded up on the wish list, so all you need to do is shop & the books will be on their way.

Follow @BallouLibrary on twitter (or facebook) for more pictures as books arrive!

The full link to the Ballou wish list:

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