Tuesday, October 25, 2016

100 Books Heading to Ballou Library - LET'S KEEP GOING!!!!

The first boxes of books from the amazon wish list have arrived at Ballou SR High School in Washington DC and as you can see, the students are delighted! Thanks so much to the many people who have bought books and helped spread the word on the Book Fair for Ballou. Your assistance and support are very much appreciated by all of us at guyslitwire & Ballou Library.

But wait -


The wish list remains active and the Book Fair is still going on. As you know from our original post, the book fair is the primary way in which the Ballou students receive books they dearly want. There are still many many novels on the list, as well as cookbooks, manga, graphic novels, some DC character encyclopedias AND SO MUCH MORE!

We are committed to getting another 100 books to Ballou and hope that you will help us. We can't do it alone - we need you to help us spread the word so we can get as many books as possible bought off the list.

Remember - Ballou does not have the budget to buy all the books their students want and need. (This young man dreams of visiting Paris - now he has a guidebook to help him plan!)

There are Spanish language books on the list (Like "One Fish/Two Fish/Red Fish/Blue Fish"!) that will be used in classes, there are biographies and histories, poetry and science and SO MANY NOVELS.

There is science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and a ton of teen dramarama. There are books to learn from and there are books to have fun with. There is, in the 350+ books remaining, literally something for everyone.

Honestly, there is so much to make us all angry in the world today - in America today - that something like helping Ballou becomes even more important. It's a small thing but it will have a big impact AND IT IS ALL POSITIVE.

This is a good thing we can do to make life better for a bunch of students and a truly awesome librarian. There is no downside to this effort - it's all wonderful, and it's all up to us.

Help us get more books into the hands of the students at Ballou SR High school; help us make more book dreams come true.

The quick link: http://tinyurl.com/BookFairBallouHS

Long link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2CU17Q38C3P68/ref=cm_wl_sortbar_o_page_1?ie=UTF8&sort=universal-title

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