Tuesday, January 12, 2016

APOLLO: The Brilliant One by George O'Connor

Narrated by the nine muses (who tell segments of Apollo's story), O'Connor introduces Apollo with stories of his origin and some of his adventures - like killing a giant python as a way of seeking revenge for a time when the serpent pursued his (and his twin Artemis's) mother during pregnancy. You can check two of the spreads related to that story line below.

Other story lines include the story of Apollo's pursuit of the nymph, Daphne, and his love for Hyacinth, a prince from Sparta, who draws the attention of both Apollo and Zephyrs (the West Wind). He also falls in love with a woman named Koronis, whom he later has killed when she refuses to wait around for him - only then figuring out that she was pregnant with his child, Asklepios, who became a renowned healer. It is an interesting account, and as with other books in O'Connor's Olympians series, it's full of interesting tidbits and helpful back matter.

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