Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

I don't usually like to read the little blurb on the dust jacket of a book if I know I am going to read the book simply because of the brilliant author who has written it. So, maybe in this case I should have.  I have to admit, I was thoroughly confused to start with in this book! I just kept reading, trusting that Ness would somehow pull all of the craziness together. I mean zombies, soul-sucking ghosts, indie kids, blue lights and Gods all have a part to play in this. That's a lot of territory to cover! As usual, we are left with an amazing finish to a beautifully written story. Despite my initial confusion, I really liked this book and have suggested it to many teens as something new and fresh to read. Many authors try to relate to the lives of teens and what they have to deal with each and every day, but in this story I think that Patrick Ness hits the nail on the head in a sometimes funny, sometimes tragic and sometomes touching way. The underlying threads of difference and acceptance make this a story with something for everyone.

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