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The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B   Dealing with divorced parents, an adorable but extremely quirky stepbrother, and OCD behaviors that are spiraling out of control, is beginning to take its toll on Adam Spencer Ross.  Medication and therapy are not quite doing the job so Adam has started meeting with an OCD support group.  Adam is hoping to find answers and maybe a few new friends, as well.

Adam's parents have shared custody, but most of Adam's time is spent living with his mother.  She has her own problems.  Through the years since the divorce her tendency toward hoarding has increased, and it is beginning to worry Adam.  Recently, she has seemed particularly upset.  She finally admits that she has been receiving threatening letters, but she swears Adam to secrecy fearing that if anyone finds out about the letters and the hoarding problem, Adam's father will insist that she give up her son.

For Adam OCD involves ritual counting, ordering, and clearing rituals.  A new problem has surfaced that involves time-consuming, complicated rituals before he can cross certain thresholds.  When this interferes with his ability to enter his own home, Adam knows that his condition is becoming way beyond his control.

Meeting with the Group provides some stability for Adam, and meeting Group member, Robyn, is giving him a confidence that he never knew he had.  The two begin to hang out after Group sessions, and Adam is fairly sure he is experiencing true love. 

THE UNLIKELY HERO OF ROOM 13B by Teresa Toten realistically depicts the plight of those suffering from OCD.  Readers will immediately fall in love with Adam and marvel at how he handles his diverse personal and family issues.  Although, Adam constantly feels overwhelmed, he is determined to overcome his disability and make everything work for himself and those he loves.  Definitely a must read!

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