Friday, January 30, 2015

DEAR LIFE, YOU SUCK by Scott Blagden

Dear Life, You SuckCricket Cherpin will be eighteen in a few months, and as far as he can figure, his only options for the future will be dealing drugs or fighting competitively.  Having lived in a group home for orphans for the last eight years, his only "family" are a bunch of nuns and a passel of younger orphans.  As far as Cricket is concerned, his life sucks.

Tormented by a bully in his small school, Cricket vows to protect the Little Ones he considers to be his responsibility.  Using his fists to fight against his tormentor earns him suspensions and a bad reputation with the principal.  Mother Mary tries to encourage better behavior because she truly cares about him, but Cricket's bleak outlook on life doesn't allow him to see how much he means to her.

Cricket finds escape in creating and telling stories to the younger boys.  They live for this story time and hang on his every word.  When he is not entertaining the little ones, he hangs out with the group home Caretaker who offers tips on fighting and is the one who suggests a career in the fight business might be Cricket's only future option.

A letter writing assignment in English class opens up a conversation with a teacher who believes in Cricket and thinks he has opportunities available to him if he is willing to take the chance.  Her comments surprise Cricket and get him thinking about the possibility of life after the group home.

DEAR LIFE, YOU SUCK by Scott Blagden offers readers an in-your-face view of life from a teen who is not afraid to tell it like it is.  Cricket will amuse, offend, and touch readers as they travel with him through life on the dark side.

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Liviania said...

I loved this one. I'm sad it hasn't made more of a splash - I'm not even hearing Morris buzz for it.