Tuesday, September 30, 2014


There Will Be BearsTyson is a crack shot when it involves hunting in video games, and he'd love to try it in real life.  For as long as he can remember, Gramps has promised to take him on his first elk hunt, and the time has finally come.  Or has it?

Several events are threatening to derail the promised hunting trip.  #1 - Attacks by a grizzly bear are popping up all over the news.  One victim lost an arm, and worse yet, an Ohio couple was killed.  Tyson's parents aren't thrilled about the idea of sending their son into the claws or jaws of a grizzly.  #2 - Something is up with Gramps.  Tyson's parents are keeping a secret about why Gramps has to leave their home and move hours away to live in a nursing home.  They are insisting that Gramps is in no condition to go on horseback into the wilderness to hunt anything.

Not only is Tyson trying to figure out what is going on with Gramps, but he is also trying to salvage a dissolving relationship with his best friend Brighton who seems to suddenly be part of the popular crowd.  Tyson and his odd obsession with Taylor Swift and his constant talk of hunting elk and maybe even grizzly bear, have turned him into the butt of all the jokes from Brighton's jock friends.  When Tyson meets the new girl at school who has actual elk hunting experience, he is inspired to defy his parents and plan a top-secret hunting adventure that may prove to be the last hunt for Gramps.

Author Ryan Gebhart keeps the action rolling in THERE WILL BE BEARS.  Readers will root for Tyson as he learns family secrets, defends his reputation, and strives to achieve his lifelong dream of big game hunting.  There is plenty of tension, adventure, and humor to satisfy even the most picky reader.
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