Monday, June 30, 2014


Dirt Bikes, Drones, and Other Ways to FlyLiving in Clay Allison, New Mexico, should mean that Arlo Santiago is into football and keeping the team's legend alive for the community, but football definitely isn't Arlo's game.  He spends his time playing the video game Drone Pilot.  When he isn't gaming, he is riding one of his dirt bikes stunting with friends in the desert.

Another thing that occupies Arlo's time is worrying about family.  His mother was tragically killed in a convenience store robbery, his father lost his job when the local newspaper folded, and his little sister has fallen victim to a disease that will soon leave her wheelchair bound for what's left of her short life.  Drone Pilot is Arlo's main escape.  When he is playing he feels like he is truly flying and leaving his troubles behind.

The night that Arlo breaks the all time high scoring record on the game is the night his life changes forever.  Little does he know but his ability to play Drone Pilot and his high score has caught the attention of the U.S. government.  The next thing he knows he is being invited to the military compound known as White Sands where he will be tested to learn his potential as an actual drone pilot for the USA.  When it is revealed that his skills top all others in the test group, he is given an offer he can't refuse.  Flying surveillance drones could provide everything his family needs, but it might also come with a price Arlo isn't willing to pay.  How far will he go to help his father and his sister? 

DIRT BIKES, DRONES, AND OTHER WAYS TO FLY explores the meaning of family, loss, and the power of promises.  Author Conrad Wesselhoeft shows readers how important it is to stand by one's principles no matter the cost.

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Ms. Yingling said...

I really liked this one. Video games AND extreme biking- what a great combinatiin!