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DARK ANGEL by David Klass

Dark AngelSibling relationships are difficult enough, but when your older brother is serving a life sentence for murder, and then is suddenly released from prison on a technicality, it certainly increases the tension.
It has only been five years since Jeff's brother Troy was shipped off to prison.  As a result, Jeff and his parents were forced to leave their home to escape the aftermath of the trial and the publicity. 

At seventeen Jeff feels like he is finally adjusting to his new home, new school, and new friends.  Jeff is an average student and a member of the soccer team.  He is pretty sure he's in love with his girlfriend Beth.  In the years since Troy has been gone, Jeff has gotten closer to his father, a great guy who devotes his time to taking care of Jeff's mother who was devastated when their older son was found guilty of murdering another teen.  Jeff is shocked to learn that his parents are actually excited about Troy's return and are planning to welcome him with open and forgiving arms.
Troy arrives and Jeff immediately senses an evil undercurrent in his brother.  The loving act that Troy puts on doesn't fool Jeff for a minute.  A family friend and the father of Jeff's best friend is kind enough to offer Troy a job in his grocery store, but knowing that everyone in town will be seeing and even interacting with his brother makes Jeff incredibly uncomfortable.  Worst of all, when Jeff tries to explain the situation to Beth, her reaction is not what he expects, and when her father gets wind of the situation, she is forbidden to see or even talk to Jeff.

Though Jeff is unhappy with the return of his brother, life goes on.  That is until one of the most popular guys in school turns up missing.  Troy's past makes him a suspect in the eyes of the townspeople, and as the police begin investigating, they indicate that they are thinking Jeff might be involved or at least have some knowledge of what happened.  Jeff's protests about the accusation are ignored causing him to take matters into his own hands.  Sure that his brother is guilty of another murder, Jeff begins to gather evidence that will prove his brother is evil and should be locked up forever.

DARK ANGEL by David Klass explores the contrast of good and evil and family relationships.  Readers will grapple with the issue of whether it is possible for evil to change to good and just how far one should go to protect family.  Other David Klass books include YOU DON'T KNOW ME, HOME OF THE BRAVES, SECOND IMPACT, and his newest, GRANDMASTER, due for release in February.
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