Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Ultimate Teen Book Guide

The Ultimate Teen Book Guide is a collection of more than 700 book recommendations put together by editors Daniel Hall, Leonie Flynn, and Susan Reuben.

Open this Guide and you'll be opening the door to tons of lovable heroines, deplorable villains, or fantastical worlds....

Ever wonder what your favorite author's favorite book is? Many of today's most popular authors have weighed in on the books they love the most. There are also recommendations by other teens, as well as by librarians, illustrators, editors, and other people who work with and love books.
My only gripe about this book - one of my favorite writers is not mentioned! Where, for goodness' sake, is Daniel Pinkwater? Oh, wait... At, I see there's a new edition out. Maybe somebody put him in? I can only hope.

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