Thursday, November 22, 2012

Let's Holiday Shop for Ballou High School Library!

In the midst of your holiday shopping madness, just in case you have a few dollars to spare, we here at Guys Lit Wire wanted to let you know that the students of Ballou High School in Washington DC would be delighted to receive a gift or two at their library. Their wish list at Powells Books has been updated with a ton of sale books (A TON!!!) and between those titles and so many great condition used options there are a crazy amount of titles under $10. We'd really appreciate it if you think of Ballou this holiday season and shop at Powells (the nation's largest independent bookstore and a mainstay of the Portland downtown scene). Be sure to provide the mailing address below if you haven't shopped the wish list before, check out our earlier book fair info here and for a post full of Ballou Library pictures, take a peek here. You can also follow Ballou on twitter or like them on facebook. Happy holiday shopping, y'all and thanks in advance for buying books for this great school library!

Mailing Address:
Melissa Jackson, LIBRARIAN
Ballou Senior High School
3401 Fourth Street SE
Washington DC 20032
(202) 645-3400  

[Post pic of students "Rappin' and Poetry for Teen Read Week", last month.]


Anonymous said...

I am, as always, a sucker for this book fair. I have sent Design Like You Give a Damn (2), because I'm fascinated by sustainable affordable design, and Around the World by Phelan and Black Boy White School by Walker because in previous book fairs I thought both of them looked interesting and here they still are, unloved and unpurchased.

Colleen said...

Excellent! The Design book was on sale too, which is really wonderful.

Thanks so much!


grrlpup said...

I loved Ten Cents a Dance and was excited to see a signed sale copy on the wish list! Thanks for updating and spreading the word on another round. :)

Colleen said...

Thanks, grrlpup!