Monday, June 18, 2012

Legend by Marie Lu

Marie Lu's new entry in the world of teen dystopia novels are a worthy companion to popular series like The Hunger Games, Incarceron and Divergent. Legend interestingly shows both sides of the world placing one main character with the Republic and the other on the run. Lu employs a back and forth narrative between 15-year olds June and Day.

After failing to be placed in the Republic's ruling class, Day becomes their worst enemy. The Republic doesn't know his name, his face or his whereabouts but they know he needs to be stopped. To help save his family from the plague, Day is causing all sorts of mischief like destroying important airfields and breaking into hospitals looking for cures. He has lived his life in the slums and his only goal is to protect his family.

June has spent her whole life in the Republic and she is becoming the perfect warrior. She is smart and being groomed to serve the Republic in the highest levels of the military. When the mysterious Day is involved in the death of her brother, she is determined to avenge his death.

June goes undercover in the dangerous world of the slums, living off the streets to hopefully find Day and bring him to justice. However, as the trap tightens around Day, June realizes the Republic may not be as innocent as she thinks.

There is some really great action scenes throughout the book and both characters are very strong and easily carry the first installment in this series. Other characters are not fleshed out very well and just serve as backdrops to the evolving relationship between Day and June. There are also not many details to the world at all. The author expects the action the hook readers into her world and for the most part, it works well. I don't read many series all the way through, since I have to keep up on so many titles, but this is one I'll definitely go for the second installment.

Fans of the aforementioned titles along with I am Number Four, Matched and most dystopian teen books will enjoy Legend.

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