Monday, December 5, 2011

Thank you for helping Ballou!

We are closing out the Holiday Book Fair for Ballou High School and want to thank everyone for their support. The final tally is 110+ books off the Powells wish list and we are mighty pleased. I will be in touch with Melissa Jackson at Ballou and let everyone know how it all looks from her end but please know how much your books are appreciated and what a big difference this will make in the lives of a lot of teens. Behind the cut, check out what some folks bought.

From Becker in Denver: Scars & Sister Mischief (Take that book banners!)

From Holly in Portland, OR: White Cat by Holly Black (which makes me realize I need to get book #2 up on the list now....)

From Melissa in South TX: Dark Dude by Oscar Hijuelos and A Step From Heaven by An Na (From one end of the world to the other...literally!)

From our pal Jodie in the UK: Shipbreaker, Foundling (1st by DM Cornish), I am Scout and Vanishing Act (Hmm, SFF, NF, Mys - Jodie you are all things to all readers!)

From Jenny in Chicago: Nnedi Okorafor's Akata Witch - one of the most unusual gns any of us have seen in ages.

From Michelle in Missouri: Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders (A new classic joins an old one! Perfect symmetry!)

From Sarah in Minnesota: How to Save a Life, The Scorpio Races and Slam Dunk #01 by Takehiko Inoue (thanks for starting us on a new manga series, Sarah!)

Els in Seattle (Hi Els!!!!): The Freedom Maze, by Delia Sherman and The Teenage Body Book (I just got Delia's book - can't wait to read it!)

Edi bought Deogratias a gn that I heartily recommend to everyone and is truly powerful in the best sense of the word (about Rwanda).

Jennifer in Philadelphia bought Cars on Mars, Watersmeet and The Surrender Tree (Cars on Mars!!! I'm so bummed that the little guys are finally slowing down; what great robots.)

Denise bought Wintergirls, The Chronicles of Harris Burdick, Steve Jobs and Octavian Nothing Vol 2 (So many good ones in here but I must applaud Harris Burdick - it's a wonderful anthology, one of my favorites of the year)

Kimberly from NY State bought Please Ignore Viera Dietz (Has anyone read this and not loved it? I don't think so.)

Our very own Aquafortis (who lives in CA) bought Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Audrey Wait! (what a weird combination but yea for both!!!)

"Otterb" bought the Foundation trilogy (HUZZAH!!!), The Wee Free Men (TERRY PRATCHETT!), Best Sports Writing of the Year 2010 (on massive sale), I Am the Messenger, Twelve Angry Men (for the classroom) and Rules (also on massive scale!). This is a fabulous box, otterb - Thank you!

Katyroo from Texas: Let It Snow (I was just about to push this one as it is so on sale - excellent!), Carter Beats the Devil, The Contender, War is Boring, Rim Shot, Hoop Queens (out of print! Thanks for grabbing that lovely used copy!), Cooking Up a Storm and The Cartoon Intro to Economics, Vol 1. Katyroo, you rock in a major way - great books!

Miss Sweeney in Bar Harbor, Maine (other side of the country from me!!!) bought Wonderstruck which will likely be fought over by many students, I'm sure. (I mean good book fighting, btw.)

Melanie in Nashville, TN bought 13 Planets (my son is a big fan of that one) and The Essential Stephen Jay Gould which truly is essential reading.

Samantha in the Pacific NW bought Chime and Thirteen Reasons Why (Yea for Chime getting some new readers!)

Sarah in Virginia bought Pyramids (Terry Prachett!!) and Speaking Out! (Thanks to Steve Berman for posting on that one and bringing it to our attention so we could add it to the list.)

Julie in Minnesota bought The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie and Dream-Keeper (Langston Hughes was overlooked last spring, so glad to see it head east today).

NG from Canton, Ohio bought Sunrise Over Fallujah, Anna Dressed in Blood and Name of the Star (Can I say how much I loved Anna Dressed in Blood? LOVED IT!)

Erin in DC (Hello Erin!!!) bought Start It Up, Goliath, Always Running and a Groundwood Guide - "Force of Law". (Nice to see business book going to Ballou - here's to teen whiz kids!)

Mindy in Seattle bought This Boy's Life, Animals Make Us Human and RED (Quite a lovely mix of titles and Temple Grandin - awesome.)

Vicki from NYC bought Warriors Don't Cry, Dinomummy (this was on wicked sale - yea!), Black and White, The Souls of Black Folk and The Mysterious Universe (So happy to see these go at the last minute, great books and for a great cause)/

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