Monday, June 14, 2010

The Enemy

I don't get my hands on ARCs very often, but occasionally my friends in the colleciton development and children's departments will send something along--possibly because I beg, and possibly because they know I'm particularly looking forward to something. Such was the case with The Enemy by Charlie Higson (author of the Young Bond series). This one was released in May, so I got to read it just a bit early. It should be available at your local library by now, and I'm thinking it will be pretty popular with anyone who enjoyed The Hunger Games.

London. Could be the near future, could be now. Most adults have succumbed to a wasting, terrible disease, leaving the city's children to fend for themselves. This is complicated by the fact that some of the adults have turned in to zombie-like creatures who survive by eating the children. Some kids have found each other and banded together, living in supermarkets, parks, and any other safe place they can find, trying to forage for food and stay one step ahead of the grownups. Some groups are bigger than others, some are having better luck finding food and fighting for their lives than others. Can society be rebuilt? Do they want it to be?

The Enemy follows some of the kids as they fight for their survival. Two rival factions who have been living in different grocery stores come together to make their way across the city when they are told of a refuge and much better life at Buckingham Palace. Their journey across London is full of action and peril. One kid who was dragged off by the grownups manages to escape them, and we also follow him as he is on his own, learning that the grownups he fears are not the only danger in the city. Rival leaders, different ideas about what the right thing is, and hard decisions are inescapable. This book is fast paced, action packed, and no one is truly safe. You'll be left rooting for these kids to survive and figure out what they're going to do next (and while this book does have an ending, there's lots of room left for a sequel). Zombie, apocalypse, and survival lovers, get your hands on The Enemy!

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