Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Short History of Guys Lit Wire

Ever wondered how this site came to be? No, it didn't just appear fully-formed like Athena out of Zeus's forehead. There's a whole history behind it, and site mastermind Colleen has shared it with the readers of Crossed Genres magazine. Here's just a small sample of the article:

"The story of Guys Lit Wire and the notion of creating a blog solely to recommend books for teenage boys begins with the NEA Study on Reading released in November 2007. While much of the media focused on reduced reading numbers among adults, in a segment of the lit blogosphere we were fixated on the figures related to teen boys. While younger children show parity between the genders on reading tests, boys begin to noticeably lag behind girls as they grow older. A boisterous conversation ensued online as we discussed what this might mean..."

Read the rest of Colleen's post here, and find out for yourself how we got to where we are today. (And, go, Colleen! W00t!)


Teacher Librarian said...

As a high school librarian (and a girl), I love GLW. I check it every week to help me choose books for our library collection.
I've also shared it with students at the local university library school when they asked me to come speak about collection development at the high school level.
Thanks for what you all do and congratulations on a great year.

Okie said...

Just stumbled in and I'm glad I did.

I follow a number of book blogging sites...but it seems like a lot of them are from a female point of view. While I can appreciate a lot of the books they recommend and I can use their recommendations for my's nice to have a "guy's" point of view as well.

Thanks for your blog.