Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Ferryman by Christopher Golden

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love books by Christopher Golden. One of his stand-alone adult novels, The Ferryman, is being re-released today. The new trade paperback edition boast an afterword by Charles deLint. The story is about loss, life, and bravery. You may know of the ferryman called Charon from ancient myths. This book brings him into our modern-day world as he tries to recapture a woman who refused to cross the river Styx with him, a woman who dared to live.

Here's the summary from the back cover:

When Janine left her lover for an old flame, it was the biggest mistake of her life. A mistake that began with a surprise pregnancy and heartbreak, and ended with the loss of her unborn child and a horrible medical ordeal that nearly cost her own life. Janine nearly died that night . . . but she fought her way back to the living. Only now someone -- something -- wants her back . . . and it is coming after her.

Click here to read the prologue of The Ferryman.

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