Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This is Not a Game

Dagmar is in trouble. Just after finishing an assignment from her multi-millionaire boss she takes a well-deserved vacation in Jakarta, Indonesia. Overnight the city is wracked with political instability, riots, fires and unrest. Stranded, with no way to leave and her Blackberrry and only a few dollars to her name, Dagmar waits for a private security company to mount a rescue operation.

Dagmar does have one other resource to call upon. As gamemaster for an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) she has a network of people around the globe plugged into their computers looking for clues about the next ARG and how to solve it. With a few emails to people who know people she eventually is spirited out of the city thanks to the gamers that find her peril just another puzzle to solve.

After returning to the States, Dagmar's problems don't get any smaller. She is being pressured by her boss, Charlie, to run the biggest flashiest game yet with a giant budget and even bigger expectations. She calls upon and old friend, B.J., to help her knowing he and Charlie hate each other. And then a mutual friend, Austin, is gunned down in the parking lot.

Juggling the game, B.J.'s true motives, Charlie's secrets, and an investigation into Austin's murder using the gamers around the world Dagmar finds herself in her own high-stakes contest. She is running out of time to figure out if she is a puppet-master or only a pawn in This Is Not A Game.

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