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Angie Manfredi is the Head of Youth Services for the Los Alamos County Library System in Los Alamos, NM, a position she has held for the past six and a half years.  She has been working in libraries since she was a 16 year old library page and has yet to get bored.  She has presented at library conferences nation-wide on readers’ advisory and teen programming topics.  She was a member of the 2011 William C. Morris Award Committee and the 2013 YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction committee.  She has served on statewide selection committees and is currently a judge for the 2014 Young Adult Cybils. Outside of reading, she spends an inordinate amount of time on her favorite hobby: watching films.  You can read more of her writing at her own blog: and catch her on twitter @misskubelik

Brian Jung has been, variously, a college English Instructor, a slush pile editor for a fantasy magazine, a high school teacher, a substitute gym teacher, a carnie, and, most recently, a software developer. He has had poetry published in a number of obscure journals, and has even edited one of them (The Cream City Review). He is simultaneously at work on a number of fiction projects, but only one about a dog who at every full moon transforms into a deceitful auto mechanic. He blogs as mrchompchomp on YA and children's literature at Critique de Mr. Chompchomp. He has no good explanation for that name.

Brooke Baker is a college composition instructor, writing tutor, soup kitchen sous chef, lover of the Oxford comma, and mother of a pre-teen boy in Western New York. If not reading, cooking, or plotting a new adventure, she can be found taking classes in things like welding, soap-making, horseback riding, and yoga (which she kind of loathes).

Caleb Dunaway is an LIS student specializing in young adult services, which immediately marks him as a voracious reader of science fiction, fantasy, literature, and whatever happens to catch his eye (i.e. a lot). He also watches more anime and reads more manga than is healthy, which is probably why he is also a regular contributor to Otaku USA Magazine. When not doing either of those, he tries to understand his idiosyncratic taste in music, plays impossibly hard video games that he is bad at, and somehow manages to preserve his sanity and social life despite all of the above. You can e-stalk him on Twitter @OneGreatTurtle.

Colleen Mondor is the monthly YA columnist for Bookslut, and a reviewer (primarily on environmental titles) for the ALA's Booklist. She personally writes about aviation in Alaska, a subject she knows way too much about. Her book, The Map of My Dead Pilots: The Dangerous Game of Flying in Alaska, was published in 2011. Her favorite writer is Ray Bradbury and if she had a choice, we would all worship at the church of Louis Armstrong. Find out more at her site, Chasing Ray or on twitter via @chasingray.

When David Elzey was a teen he: "liberated" a nine-foot plaster headless Santa statue and set it on a friend's front lawn; played Lady Macbeth in a silent movie adaptation of Shakespeare's play; co-edited his high school newspaper, literary journal and, for a brief time, senior yearbook because he was too lazy to actually write for any of them. Having received his MFA in Creative Writing for Children and Young Adults at Vermont College he has been busy on any number of writing projects while managing a book store in the Boston area. The clearing house for all his digital efforts can be found at

Eden Rassette is the Young Adult Programmer at the busiest branch library in Kentucky. She absolutely loves her job and will brag about her amazing teens given half the chance. She got her MLIS from University of Michigan in 2012. Eden loves reading, creative writing, anime & manga, cosplay, and her miniature long-haired dachshund named Ruby. She also reviews YA fiction for School Library Journal and YABooksCentral, as well as on her personal blog, The Otaku Librarian (link: ). At any given time she can be found on twitter @edynjean, playing Pokemon X, or writing her first YA novel.

Gonovice has done construction, and door-to-door fundraising for environmental groups, but always wanted to be a librarian. Finally earned MLS in August, age 53. He works a public library reference desk near Fredericksburg, VA, and hosts a "Chess & Go" program for all ages (Most players are juvenile or young adult, with more guys than gals, usually.) Two homeschooled daughters are in college. He likes good fiction, but pays more attention to nonfiction. Favorite writers include Lao-tzu, R. Buckminster Fuller, Gregory Bateson, James Joyce, Kurt Vonnegut, Lewis Thomas, Oliver Sacks, Gary Paulsen, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Tim O'Brien, and Leo Tolstoy.

Gregory K. Pincus is an author, screenwriter, volunteer elementary school librarian, and right-handed batter. He has written for the big screen (Little Big League), the small screen (movies for ABC, NBC, the Disney Channel among other credits), and the computer screen (blogging at Perhaps best known for spreading Fibs (poems based on the Fibonacci sequence) virally through the internet and into the New York Times, Greg is thrilled to have his first novel, The 14 Fabulous Fibs of Gregory K., under contract with Arthur A. Levine Books.

Gwenda Bond is working on a young adult novel. Her writing and criticism have appeared in the Journal of Mythic Arts, Publishers Weekly, the Washington Post, Kirkus, Strange Horizons, and LCRW (as Dear Aunt Gwenda). She is pursuing an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults at the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and lives in a hundred-year-old house in Lexington, Kentucky, with her husband writer Christopher Rowe and three unruly animals. She posts often about writing and books (and television and cupcakes, truth be told) at her blog, Shaken & Stirred.

John Zeleznik is a father, husband, teacher and writer from upstate New York. A voracious reader, storyteller and writer, John can’t remember a day when he didn’t want to be a writer. From pastiches of Lord of the Rings and the Dragonlance Chronicles to soap operatic attempts at literary fiction about the lives of listless slackers working in the retail grocery business, John has always committed his stories to paper. Now John shares his love of reading and writing with his students on a daily basis at an inner city high school in upstate New York. Always on the look out for good books for himself and his students, John loves everything but grew up obsessed with huge, sweeping epics like the works of George RR Martin, John Flanagan, Robert Jordan and Tamora Pierce.  Something of a Twitter addict, you can follow him at John_Zeleznik where he Tweets about everything from what he’s reading or watching to what his favorite sports teams (the Mets, the Islanders and the Syracuse University Orange) are doing. Read his ramblings about writing and reading at his blog: TheAdventures of a Pantless Writer

Josh Hem Lee is a writer, poet, librarian and father of two little boys. He is currently working on a noir novel set in his home country, Trinidad. He has had short stories published in the Trinidad Guardian and in the Anansesem Caribbean children's literature ezine. He is in the process of submitting a children's book to various agents. An avid soccer fan, he follows Arsenal FC, he also sometimes blogs about the team on the Trini Gunner blog. He lives in Denver. Follow him on twitter at @joshelprofe.

Justin Colussy-Estes is a stay at home dad, college English instructor, and bookseller at Little Shop of Stories, a children's bookstore in Decatur, GA. He's in the middle of a twenty-five year love affair with graphic novels, YA, and chapter books. He also runs a monthly middle-school boy's book group and the store blog little blog of stories.

Kate Baker was a high school English teacher for several years and, because she was a very good girl and always washed behind her ears, is now lucky enough to be the librarian in a middle school with an enthusiastic book culture. She is also a musician, a wannabe author, and a mom. Although not a guy, she loves books that appeal to guys and is an unabashed fan of "movies for guys who like movies." A Fellow of the National Writing Project and a longtime blogger, most recently at Did You Have Juice?, she is passionate about matching kids with books that they'll love. She lives with her husband, son, dog, cat, and far too many books in Boise.

Kelly Fineman is a poet and author working on a biography in verse about Jane Austen; although her current topic is a girly author, Kelly's used to working in fields that are traditionally dominated by guys: biography and poetry. She'll be sharing reviews of poetry collections for guys and the occasional poetry tips for today's bards. Her website is woefully out of date, but her blog, Writing and Ruminating, is upated on a regular basis.

Kirk Moore-Nokes is currently a children's and young adult librarian at a public library in Wisconsin. He has a Bachelor's of Science from the University of Wisconsin in Animal Science with an emphasis in poultry and an MLIS  from UW-Milwaukee. In previous lives he was an assistant ranch manager for a turkey breeding company and a Facilities Coordinator for an insurance company, both in California. He is married to his high school sweetheart with two amazing daughters. In his "spare" time he likes to work on DIY projects around the house, work in the garden, cook, and raise backyard chickens.

Lee Wind is an award-winning blogger, author and speaker, who writes teen books with gay main characters--because that's what he wanted to read when he was in junior high and high school, and there was nothing out there!  Today, there are teen books with GLBTQ characters and themes, and Lee blogs about them, the hidden homophobia in our history and culture, and a mess of other stuff over at I'm Here. I'm Queer. What the Hell do I Read?  He's also the official blogger for the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators at SCBWI: The Blog and the head of SCBWI's Team Blog, reporting on the Children's Literature industry and the renowned SCBWI annual conferences.

Little Willow is a bookseller who has no problems giving Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to boys and Maniac Magee to girls. She is determined to show the world (one person at a time!) that the gender of an author or protagonist has no bearing on the worth of a story. A good book is a good book, no matter what, and it should be read by all. She blogs at Bildungsroman, which also has a corresponding archive website.

Lucas Maxwell grew up in rural Nova Scotia, Canada where he did everything from building roofs to making furniture to working on fishing boats for money. He eventually settled on being a librarian and has stuck with it. He now lives in the UK and works as a School Librarian in London. What little spare time he has he spends writing and doing stand up comedy. You can find him on Twitter @glenthornelrc.

Sam J. Miller is a community organizer and a science fiction & fantasy writer. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Shimmer, Electric Velocipede, Nightmare Magazine, Icarus, The Minnesota Review, and The Rumpus, among others. He is a graduate of the 2012 Clarion Writer’s Workshop and the co-editor of Horror After 9/11, an anthology published by the University of Texas Press and included in New York Magazine's famed "Approval Matrix." He loves books with bad-ass women, diverse protagonists, LGBTQ folks, monsters, magic, doomed love, betrayal, non-Western worldbuilding, and most of all: excellent villains. And books that break his heart. And books that make him miss his subway stop. Which happens a lot. Visit him at

Sarah Stevenson blogs as a. fortis on Finding Wonderland, a blog about writing for young adults, and on Readers' Rants, a book review blog. She is a writer and artist living in Northern California. "Writer and artist" is pretty general, so here are three helpful and informative factoids: 1) She used to write a humor column about weird websites for the entertainment site; 2) She has a lot of nerdy and/or obscure hobbies, including graphic novels, video games, role-playing games, and Welsh language; and 3) She thinks designing websites (like this one) is fun. Bonus factoid: She is currently working on a YA novel about a girl who hears people's thoughts.

Seth Christenfeld is a staff member on this site, he swears--he's just in grad school, which leaves him with very little time to read.  After spending most of a decade working at a Barnes and Noble in the suburbs, he is now pursuing an MFA in musical theatre writing (it's a real thing, seriously) at NYU, working on an adaptation of the novel Zuleika Dobson.  (Haven't heard of it?  That's okay, neither has anybody else.) He tweets about theatre, books, and other crap at  His favorite non-book, non-theatre things are cheese, redheads, and other people's dogs.
Tanita Davis has recently discovered a library with a café, and is convinced she can figure out a way to live there. Her most recent job is author of A La Carte, a novel about a girl who wants to be a television chef, and Mare's War, a WWII novel which comes out in 2009. She blogs about books as TadMack at Readers' Rants and is spending another three years in Glasgow, Scotland, in serious NorCal sun withdrawal.

Trisha is a Young Adult Librarian in Hawaii. When not working, reading, or blogging at The YA YA YAs, she can often be found watching ESPNEWS. She thinks the worst part of working in a public library is having to work at least a couple of Saturdays a month during football season.

William Polking teaches high school reading and college composition. Because he feels guilty about destroying the economy with his lavish salary and benefit package, he also coaches large group speech and girls soccer. His students tell him that reads like it is his job, to which he gently responds that it kind of is. Feel free to troll him on Twitter, where he can be found @Polking.

Zohar Laor is a father, husband, book blogger of manly books, software engineer & wood worker who is known the world over as a man of many interests and to his lovely wife as “an idiot”.

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