Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Killing and Dying: Stories by Adrian Tomine

Killing & Dying is a graphic novel nthology of amazingly written stories about people who live ordinary lives but end up in weird, sad or funny situations. Trust me, you'll fly through these stories and curse the story-gods that there weren't more!

There are six stories, "Hortisculputre" which is the somewhat depressing tale of a guy who becomes obsessed with a form of landscape artwork that only he truly appreciates. It's the story of a guy trying to make something of his life and nearly losing everything he has in the process.

"Amber Sweet" is about a woman who is a dead ringer for an online porn star. How their lives intertwine is touching, funny and strange. 

"Go Owls" is one of the most hard hitting in my opinion. Two people meet after an AA meeting, they seem to get a long and decide to move in together. Their story is tragic as their addictions and shortcomings bubble up to the surface over and over again. 

The fourth story, "Translated from the Japanese" is a story written by a woman to her child about a man she met on an airplane years before her daughter was born. It is haunting and sweet and will stay with you for a long time.

"Killing & Dying" is about an awkward teenager that decides to take on the treacherous world of stand up comedy. This is a laser-sharp look at the world of open mics and the doubt and fear that one's family can have when you tell them that you want to be a comic. It's a sad and heartfelt tale that also manages to be funny.

"Intruders" introduces us to a man with a past. What that past is we don't fully know. It's a smart and interesting look at someone who tries to do the right thing but can never seem to stop screwing up.

Check out Killing & Dying, you'll read it twice. 


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