Wednesday, September 2, 2015

BENEATH by Roland Smith

Beneath   *WARNING!  If the very thought of crawling in tight spaces has you hyperventilating or induces nightmares, then read BENEATH by Roland Smith with caution.  Really!  Seriously!

Pat and Coop O'Toole have lived adventurous lives.  Having parents who are both scientists wrapped up in their careers, left the two brothers with time to play and experiment freely.  One of Coop's ideas ended with a hand-dug mile long tunnel through their neighborhood.  An explosion in the tunnel resulted in the involvement of the FBI and left poor Pat with a severe case of claustrophobia.

When Coop takes off in search of something that has been calling to him since early childhood, Pat senses there might be trouble.  Supposedly headed to Florida to visit while his parents are on their own separate adventures, Pat detours to New York City.  With the help of recorded messages the brothers have been exchanging, Pat believes Coop is living somewhere beneath the city.

What follows is a nerve-racking journey through small, damp tunnels infested with rats and bats and various suspicious individuals.  Pat must face his fear of tight spaces as he accompanies an unusual girl named Kate.  Kate has lived her entire life in a community deep below bustling NYC.

Author Roland Smith is at his best in this breathtaking novel for teens.  Pat and Coop's amazing story captured me in the first chapter.  I found myself gasping along with Pat as he barely squeezes through spaces that threaten to trigger his claustrophobia.  BENEATH is perfect for any reader looking for a heart-pounding adventure.

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