Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wytches, volume 1 by Scott Snyder

I should put a disclaimer on this, Wytches, as awesome as it is, is definitely not for younger readers. I would recommend this to much older teens & adults only. Now on to the review.

The last time I remember being scared by a comic was when I was ten and I read too many Punisher War Journals - the ones where the Punisher gets sent to prison and has to take on a terrifying villain named Jigsaw. I'm a grown man now, it's impossible for a comic to scare me, right? Wrong! Wytches is extremely unsettling and I loved every second of it.

After a terrible tragedy, the Rooks family decide to pack up their belongings and move to the small town of Litchfield. Everything seems fine until they realise that the horror that prompted their move has followed them.

Sailor, the Rooks' daughter, is the target of this malevolent force. Convinced she may be losing her mind, she is considered a freak by her peers and an anomaly by the school psychologists.

Nobody realises the truth: that Sailor has been pledged to the Wytches, and pledged is pledged.

These are not the typical witches with big hats, broomsticks and a penchant for home cooking. These are truly terrifying beings that make their homes in the hollows of the trees that surround Litchfield.

We are only given tiny hints of their existence through the first half of the story, and that's a good thing. So effective is Snyder's plot line that you'll be flipping back and forth through the pages to make sure you didn't miss anything.

Determined to help Sailor, her father, Charlie, decides to get to the bottom of this pesky Wytch problem once and for all. This is when things go from bad to worse to "man oh man I can't believe they did that."

It also helps that the art is fantastic, it fits perfectly with the unpredictable and jittery story that keeps getting more and more intense with every page.

Truly horrifying, Wytches will, in my opinion, stand out as one of the best horror comics for a long time to come.


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