Thursday, October 30, 2014

SURROUNDED BY SHARKS by Michael Northrop

Surrounded By SharksDavey and his family just arrived on the tiny island off Florida's Key West.  After spending their first night in the hotel, Davey wakes up early and decides to explore the island.  He grabs his book and heads off to find a quiet place to read. 
After traipsing through the hotel lobby and checking out the dock, Davey finds a tiny, deserted beach that looks interesting.  He notices the faded No Swimming sign, but he puts down his book, slips off his glasses, and wades into the warm ocean water.  The gentle waves gradually lure him  away from the shore until the water is up to his chest.  Before he realizes it, he is being pulled away from the beach by the current.

As the rest of Davey's family awakens back at the hotel and comes to the realization that he is missing, Davey begins a struggle to survive miles from shore. 
He is a swimmer, but when exhaustion hits, knowing how to swim really doesn't matter.  When he sees the first shark, he knows his life depends on his family back on the island and whether or not they will figure out where he is in time to send a rescue boat.
Author Michael Northrop has created the perfect suspense thriller.  The action alternates between Davey lost at sea and his frantically searching parents and younger brother.  Northrop teases the reader with glimpses of the sharks as they circle and contemplate the floating boy.  SURROUNDED BY SHARKS will grab readers immediately and keep them gasping until the last page. 

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