Friday, May 30, 2014

THE SCAR BOYS by Len Vlahos

The Scar BoysIt starts with Harry's attempt to write his 250 word college essay, but he quickly realizes he has too much to tell in a mere 250 words.  Even though he knows the Faceless Admissions Professional (FAP) will probably not read it, he begins to tell his story and readers of THE SCAR BOYS get to follow along.

At the age of eight, Harry becomes the victim of bullies who tie him to a tree during a thunderstorm.  The boys run when the storm begins leaving Harry alone.  The tree is struck by lightning and a flaming branch crashes down.  Harry suffers severe burns on his head, face, and neck and spends the next several years having multiple reconstructive surgeries while in therapy to help him deal with the trauma.

As Harry tells his story, readers will learn about his painful recovery and the constant torment he suffers at the hands of classmates.  It isn't until he meets a boy named Johnny that he feels he has some value as human being.  When Johnny suggests they start a band, Harry finds that music allows him to express himself and find needed confidence.  The band becomes known as The Scar Boys and soon becomes a group of four.  Unfortunately, like most of Harry's life, the band and his new-found friendships suffer one crisis after another.

Author Len Vlahos has created a character who will capture the hearts of readers.  Harry will have readers cheering him on when things are going well and gasping as he is faced with each new hurdle.  As a male protagonist, Harry should connect with most guys, but girls should appreciate his story as well.  Music fans are also in for a treat as Vlahos names each chapter with an appropriate song title including each song's author and performer.

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