Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Two tales of werewolves and more

The new issue of Bookslut is up with my new YA column and it includes several books from "hidden worlds" including two werewolf tales that I think discerning readers really must take a look at. First is Martin Millar's Lonely Werewolf Girl of which I say in part:

"With Lonely Werewolf Girl author Martin Millar has written a breakout novel that defies any and all fantasy stereotypes. The best way I can describe it as a combination political thriller and werewolf soap opera -- if your idea of soap opera includes some seriously bloody confrontations between creatures that can rip your arms off. There is a ton of family drama, some deviations into the formation of a successful pop music career, discussion of high fashion (and theft of same), a lot of pizza, and much admiration for Joan Jett and Sabrina the Teenage Witch -- and assassins of all shapes and sizes who kill on a whim and like it. Basically, this book is a delicious 550-page romp through urban fantasy versions of London and the Scottish countryside that draws you in from the first few pages and does not let you go."

Let me stress the bloody part - this is one "werewolves are generally not your friends" type story. Fabulous.

And also our own Kristopher Reisz has a new book out, Unleashed. Some of my thoughts:

"The novel’s plot follows Daniel, who is a popular well-rounded success, becoming attracted to Misty, and the ambivalent way in which she and her “pack” glide through school. Daniel is on the fast track to success with an acceptance to Cornell but he feels like a fraud. With her palpable feelings of anger and clear disdain for the adults around her, Misty seems capable of emotions that Daniel can barely acknowledge. In a word, he thinks she is wicked cool and is drawn to her, and away from everything that that used to matter so much. The shapeshifting that Misty and the others are capable of is the dark secret and how Daniel will react to that, and what will become of his burgeoning relationship with Misty, raises the tension in incremental notches as the story unfolds."

Bad things can happen when you cavort around the city like a werewolf...really bad things.

Two good books, not your usual phone-it-in scary dreck. Give them a shot if your looking to walk on the dark side while hanging out by the pool.

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